Lavarone & Alpe Cimbra

A magical place

The Residence, located in the heart of the Lavarone plateau, presents itself as an excellent cradle for relaxation, suitable for those who want to break away from everyday stress.
Many, in fact, are the paths immersed in greenery, ideal for a simple regenerating walk or for those who love sports.

Alpe Cimbra Map

Lake Lavarone

Timeless charm

Due to its mild climate and the particular purity of its waters, Lake Lavarone is a significant tourist attraction for the highland area: it is in fact equipped for bathing and fishing during the summer and for ice skating during part of the winter period. Furthermore, during the winter it hosts an internship for learning the technique of rescue under the ice which has been held since 1985 organized by the National Association of diving instructors (ANIS).


Fort Belvedere-Gschwent

More than 28,000 visitors each year

Forte Belvedere-Gschwent was built by the Austro-Hungarian military genius under the leadership of Lieutenant Rudolf Schneider in the four-year period 1908-12 and it had the task of defending Trento in a sector particularly sensitive to possible Italian attacks.
Although subjected to heavy bombardments from Italian artillery at Porta Manazzo, Campolongo and Campomolon, it was able to resist despite the damage it had suffered: in fact, as soon as the bombing stopped, the soldiers of the fort repaired the damaged structures.
Today the fortress presents itself to the visitor as a museum of the most dramatic events of the Great War 1914-18.
Belvedere-Gschwent is a unique and indispensable testimony of a conflict that shocked Europe.
The fort Belvedere is used as a museum of the First World War.


Honey Museum

Discover the life of bees, between science and sweetness

Visiting the “Honey Museum” is equivalent to embarking on a surprising journey to discover the life of bees through a detailed and in-depth itinerary in the history and evolution of this amazing insect.
What happens between the gathering of pollen carried out by a small worker bee and the moment when we open a jar of honey?
The extraordinary transformation of nectar into honey and the incredible organization of the hive have been a subject of study and research by man for decades. The life of the bee, its hierarchies, natural and precious participation in human life represent a parallel world to be known and appreciated.


Bikepark Lavarone

For those who want to have fun while surrounded by nature

The Lavarone Bikepark is located in Lavarone Bertoldi in the Tablet ski area. 300 meters from our Residence.
It is dedicated to the disciplines of Downhill-Freeride and it is developed along 4 tracks over 2 km.
It is one of the first structures designed and authorized by the Autonomous Province of Trento; the routes are equipped with the UNI signage and all the equipment suitable for exciting descents in maximum safety.
There are numerous wooden structures in continuous development, which taking advantage of the naturalness of the routes adapt to the performance descents of the bravest riders, but also softer passages for the enjoyment of less experienced bikers.
You can also rent downhill bikes and all the protection you need.


Neveland in Lavarone

Snow amusement park for young and old

NEVELAND is a stone’s throw from your Residence and from the beginning of the Ski Center. Here you will find lots of games, rubber-tubing tracks, a toboggan run, the Baby Park, inflatable structures, a mini-quad track, two first-steps carpet and Strider bikes, small bikes without pedals with skis mounted under the wheels.
Fun for children of all ages.


Winter on the Alp…

Your skiing holiday in a magical place

104 km of slopes, the slopes of Folgaria and Lavarone. Not only skiing but the Altopiano is full of endless activities for you and your family.
Come and discover all the beauties of a magical place. We look forward to welcoming you!